Organic Inspiration at Hilton Post Oak - Houston, TX

To create focus in the expansive existing lobby at the Hilton Post Oak in downtown Houston, design team Chase Collaborative devised an organic branch-like feature to create movement and lightness within an architecturally challenging space ...

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The Soundwave / Penda

Penda Architects recently finished a landscape sculpture in Xiangyang, China, which consists of more than 500 perforated, vibrantly colored steel fins varying in height. The sculpture marks the entrance gate to the largest Myrtle Tree Garden in Asia ...

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Paul Cocksedge’s Living Staircase

Spiraling up through the atrium of Ampersand Resolution Property’s new office in Soho, London is the living staircase by Paul Cocksedge Studio. Recently completed, the dynamic stairway towers at 12.5 meters with an unique design that has integrated a series of social and relaxation zones ...

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Lusive Building

Light Source

From the Pacific, travel Interstate 10 east — the old Route 66 — until you've almost reached the dim sum palaces of San Gabriel. Get off the freeway just before, wind your way past taco stands and warehouses into East L.A., and you'll soon arrive at Lusive — 85,000 square feet of inspiration & imagination, design & development, labor & light.