Hidden Art in Tiny Nature – Artist María Fernanda Cardoso

María Fernanda Cardoso is a Colombian Australian artist, sculptor and illustrator. Her contemporary art references many types of ready-made material, including plastic, trash, plants, dried and living animals, bones and styrofoam. As a child, Maria Fernanda Cardoso took long nature walks with her father. Carrying a magnifying glass ...

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Arata Isozaki Receives the 2019 Pritzker Architecture Prize

Arata Isozaki, distinguished Japanese architect, city planner and theorist, has been selected as the 2019 Laureate of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the award that is known internationally as architecture’s highest honor. Lauded as a visionary amongst his international contemporaries, Isozaki’s forward-thinking approach, deep commitment to the “art of space,” and transnational methodology have been evidenced since the 1960s. The prolific architect has been credited with facilitating dialogue between East and West ...

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Preserving Tradition with Robotics in China

China’s extraordinary urbanization has created a need to build swiftly and economically. This has led to losing some of the culture’s architectural identity. Shanghai-based architectural design firm Archi-Union Architects has been experimenting with digital fabrication and robotics in an effort to merge the best of both worlds … 

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Lusive Building

Light Source

From the Pacific, travel Interstate 10 east — the old Route 66 — until you've almost reached the dim sum palaces of San Gabriel. Get off the freeway just before, wind your way past taco stands and warehouses into East L.A., and you'll soon arrive at Lusive — 85,000 square feet of inspiration & imagination, design & development, labor & light.