Capturing 532 Frank Lloyd Wright Structures

Phoenix-based photographer Andrew Pielage has a goal of shooting all 532 Frank Lloyd Wright structures that exist. His love for Wright came after he first toured Taliesin West, Wright’s former winter home outside of Phoenix. Although photography wasn’t allowed on the tour, later a friend ...

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A Bird’s Eye View of Hong Kong

“Wěndìng Fánróng” is a two channel HD video installation that was created by Artist Mariana Bisti in Hong Kong as part of a 10-week residency at the Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong. Shot via drone, the video captures the geometric lines of the city’s soaring, dense towers and also something of its street life and vitality ...

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Building Lego House

The small Danish town of Billund has a new museum and experience center dubbed the ‘House of the Brick’ . . . Lego House. Dubbed ‘the house of brick’, the grand opening was on September 28.. Lego House is a vibrant three-dimensional village of interlocking buildings and spaces, with the structure designed to look like a giant stack of ...

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Lusive Building

Light Source

From the Pacific, travel Interstate 10 east — the old Route 66 — until you've almost reached the dim sum palaces of San Gabriel. Get off the freeway just before, wind your way past taco stands and warehouses into East L.A., and you'll soon arrive at Lusive — 85,000 square feet of inspiration & imagination, design & development, labor & light.