A Yellow Submarine Capsule is an innovative solution by Urban Restart and Kurt Cleary

As one of 24 designs presented at Shabby Shabby Apartments Competition held recently in Munich, a Lithuanian design studio Urban Restart and Scottish architect Kurt Cleary built "Yellow Submarine“- a playful pop-up hotel room set up on the edge of a public park. Yellow Submarine is characterized by a capsule-looking object where chosen construction materials reflected the theme of water. An important part of competition requirements was a low budget, so competitors were challenged to use donated and recycled materials. The design team used sixteen fiberglass bathtubs and repurposed them into walls, ceilings and the floors of the capsule. Washing machine doors became windows; periscope allowed observation of the park while niches formed inside were efficiently used as space for storage and ambiance lighting. Shabby Shabby Apartments competition was a social experiment that addressed social housing issues in the city, one that is part of the top ten rents in Europe, with the aim to promote and generate ingenuity and inventive solutions instead of mass produced design.