Robot Artist’s Inaugural Exhibition in the UK

Ai-Da is the first ultra-realistic drawing robot artist. Her inaugural exhibition Unsecured Futures is now at The Barn Gallery, St John’s College, University of Oxford. The exhibition will showcase Ai-Da’s drawings and performance art, including a work that references, and is inspired by Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece. Alongside this, emerging artists showcase works in plastic, silver and bronze 2D and 3D, developed through AI processes and new technologies. Ai-Da and this exhibition are presented to dazzle and entertain, but more importantly, to get us to think, engage, and consider our world a little more closely.

With the impact of new technologies coming through at an unprecedented pace, these changes are on a scale similar to the industrial revolution or the printing press. Ai-Da foretells a period when trans-human biotechnology could be possible.The exhibition runs through July 6, 2019.


sources: ai-darobot