Unrealized Frank Lloyd Wright Designs Come to Life

For several years, Spanish architect David Romero has been using advanced 3-D techniques to transform unrealized architecture to life … images so detailed they almost look like modern photographs. As a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, Romero has taken on some of Wright’s works.

Frank Lloyd Wright left behind over 600 unrealized projects. Despite Wright’s drawings most often being presented from high points of view, Romero imagined the designs from a perspective one would experience at street level.  Some of Romero’s creations include:

- Wright's Roy Wetmore Car Repair and Showroom was to have been built in Detroit, Michigan.

- Wright's Trinity Chapel, designed for the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma.

- Wright's Gordon Strong Automobile Objective that would have been located in Maryland.

- Wright's Butterfly Wing Bridge, designed for San Francisco.


source: hookedonthepast